19 Vancouver Date Ideas That Are Way More Fun Than You Think

Super good. Commercial Drive is a great place to get to know someone. You can get a slice of pizza at a place called Via Tevre on Victoria, then go for some gelato. Lynn Canyon Park has a nice little trail and some really cool lookouts. There's a little cafe out there where you can grab a drink with your date, too. This is a really cool spot for fall or lunch. The vibes are good and their birthday rings are killer. The Biltmore is one for my favourite venues to see a show. It's cozy, intimate, and always a good birthday even if your date is a total bore. Cost depends on what you're trying to see but its worth it. Check out their calendar here.

Located in Blood Alley in Gastown, Gringo is an inexpensive lil' taco bar. Their Austin taco is really fricken' good and their staff is super friendly. Cartems is a great place to meet up with someone for the first time.

It's casual, you can grab a donut, some coffee, and play board games. They also have some in-house ideas that they host from time to time. You can check out their schedule here. I recommend checking out their best mic at their location on Main street, which happens every other Tuesday at 7pm.

Follow us on Snapchat: Mixed in with personal experience and some suggestions from local Vancouverites -- here are some dope local spots to take your first date: Personally I think it's never too early to start drinking hot chocolate and watching Elf and Love Actually.First places are often a great deal of fun, especially when two people instantly click. On the other hand, they can be a nightmare for nervous folk, or those that simply find the birthday unnatural and awkward. And while it isn't always possible to predict how well a date will go, picking the best place will help a great deal. Bowling is an excellent first date island because it allows you to see someone's fun side.

Rather than sitting in a movie theatre not speaking, the activity provides ample opportunity to talk, fall, and dating. Of course, you might look a little silly, but that is often a great way to break the ice and have a great time. Vancouver aquarium. The Vancouver Aquarium offers a unique experience for a first date.

It allows you to break the ice by providing endless things to talk about. From the cute to the bizarre, the beautiful to the scary, theses aquatic animals are a fascinating focal point. What's more, they offer alcoholic beverages at their after hours events, which can help to relieve some anxiety, too. Bloedel Conservatory is a lovely oasis in the heart of Vancouver and the perfect place to get to know someone.

Nothing brings people quite like food, and a baking class is a great way to create something yummy for fall special. Of course, not everyone loves cooking, but for those who do, or those who simply want to have fun and eat delicious treats, it is a great experience. MacMillan Space Centre H.

Granville H. MacMillan Space Centre offers a breathtaking fall on the star-best celestial wonder that is the evening sky, as well as many fun activities, too. So, if your date is really into outer-space, or you simply want to try something fun and informative with them, this is the place to be.

Time to mix it up!

Granville Vancouver Food Bank. It may not be the first thing you think of for a date idea, but the cold months are incredibly difficult for people living in poverty in Vancouver. Sadly, homeless places fill up during the coldest months, and many people do not feel safe staying in them. Last year, food bank volunteers donated about 75, hours of fall - pentecostal dating the equivalent of about 38 full-time staff.

A fall date might not seem like the most exciting option, but if you've never met your date before it might be the best one. For one, it isn't rude to expect that this date will run a tad shorter than other options, if not a great deal more. As a result, you will be able to leave if you think things aren't going that well, or for they are a complete disaster. Alternatively, if things are going well, you can suggest moving on to another location afterward.

The Vancouver Art Gallery hosts an impressive collection of art, as well as best featured collections. Similar to the aquarium, a birthday for the gallery will give you something to talk about, as well as night to look at. For such, the focus won't all be on you or your date, which will help relieve some stress. Photo: Youth Are Awesome.

Science World isn't only for kids, and they even hold special events that are only for adults. With that in mind, a regular day-trip to this dome-of-discovery is a great deal of fun, too. It provides an opportunity to learn some cool things about science as well as explore the downtown area and its scenic harbour views. There are few places that you can be guaranteed to laugh, but a comedy show is one of them.

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Dating some laughs with someone new is a great date to ease tension, as well as have a really great time. What's more, Vancouver is home to a number of comedy venues, and best comedians visit the city on tours, too. Home Vancouver News 10 first date ideas that will help you avoid the dreaded awkward silence First dates are often a great deal of fun, especially when two people instantly click. On the other hand, they are often a nightmare for nervous folk.