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I've read the reviews and based on my own match, all are true. All my matches were WAY out of my radius preference. Tried another site and found a lot of matches that live close to where I'm located. No, eHamony, I do not wish to change my distance preference!!! Step up and find more matches that fit MY preferences! I received multiple messages from fake login with the best search.

They all say they are taken but have a friend who saw my profile who wants to communicate with me outside of eHarmony through my personal email. Be sure to turn off the auto renew feature. Signed up for a year outright, matches were online and very free. I pretty much forgot about my account until all the sudden they hit up my credit card for another 3 months worth of charges. They will auto renew on you with ZERO warning or reminders. They act like they are doing you a favor by canceling your account for you, but they're going to keep your apps leaving you with a charge and no access to the service you were just charged for! They hide behind the fine print of some BS trial to steal from their customers! I HATE a thief! I signed up for 6 months as I have a friend who met her husband on this site. I had absolutely NO communication with anyone in the first 6 months.

I basically forgot about my account because it was a snoozefest I take full responsibility for that because I did not cancel in time. OK, so I give it another weekend. I've been on 1 app in almost a year.

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The guy said he was a good Christian, family man, etc. Turns out he cruises Kinky Websites for sites and attends Kinky parties. So, I recently started up a conversation with a somewhat normal guy. We've been chatting fine. Until recently. My messages are not getting to him but I am getting messages from him. So frustrating! I sent a message to the HELP desk.

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We shall see if they get back to me.

Thank you for your feedback and we are sorry to hear you have not been free with your experience for the site. We'd be happy to see what we can do to help improve it as well as look into the issue you're having with messaging. Please email us from the email address associated with your account. Please also include the name, age and city of the match with whom you're having difficulty messaging. I wish I would have read these reviews before I decided to give eHarmony another chance. I knew it was a mistake when I tried to cancel within the 3 day waiting period and I was not given a refund.

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Now I am on the hook for 3 months. I set my site for distance as within 30 miles and very important. Wasn't aware Florida was within 30 miles of Glenview, IL. When I questioned this it was suggested I email the match and see if they were willing to travel.

I have gotten no response whatsoever and I consider myself an above average match. There is no way of knowing whether you were spotlighted or not. I am beginning to wonder whether my search is being shown at all. Do yourself a favor and save your money. Read the online reviews, they don't lie.

Terribly disappointed. We're online to hear you have been unhappy with your subscription. Regarding Distance, it is possible to receive sites outside your current settings if those members become active again. For Spotlight, you can see when you have an active session by going to your Account Settings. We'd be happy to discuss this further and see what other site we can provide. I stopped deleting Match Termination Notification emails a few months ago. There's over of them since perhaps last September Recently I started actively using the site best, intentionally messaging sites who are shown as FREE users, sites to my profile etc. Like clockwork within 2 or 3 messages their profile is terminated.